The key to a more sustainable world = Green Key!

Green Key is the largest sustainability label for the tourism and recreational industry and we are proud of that. Many companies have now obtained this quality mark – from hotels / campsites and restaurants to zoos and bungalow parks. New locations are still being added.

Do you see the green key? Then our campsite considers sustainability to be important and we apply that as much as possible in the company. Consider the economical use of energy and water, environmentally friendly cleaning, recycling and well-considered choices regarding organic food and products with a quality mark.

Going for green Companies with a Green Key certificate do much more in the field of sustainability than the law requires. They meet at least the standards of the international Green Key organization. Personal guidance, a special environment on this website and contact with other Green Key companies make “going green” more fun and interesting.

Working together on a green world inspires and stimulates. Green Key is the international quality mark for sustainable companies in the leisure and leisure industry and business market. Companies with a Green Key quality mark do everything they can to save the environment without sacrificing comfort and quality for their guests. They go one step further than the normal laws and regulations require.