Campsite 20km from Perpignan

» Campsite 20km from Perpignan

Between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean coast, Perpignan, the southernmost of the French cities, is worth a visit. With many Spanish influences from the time that it was the capital of the kingdom of Mallorca, the city has a lot to offer. In good weather or rainy days (rare) there are always ideas for walks and family outings.

The different museums …

Come with the whole family to Museum “Poupées Bella”, Espace Primavera 6, avenue du Languedoc. More than 500 dolls as well as photographs and posters from artists are exhibited in this original museum, which would not be complete without the hair implanter, the various tools for making hair in all colors, Talking devices, tools for dressing dolls, mannequins , boxes made by Mr. Cherigny …. The visit of this museum is by appointment. On holiday in Perpignan you should not miss the “small formats” collection, with a total of 210 paintings of contemporary works of art from Rigaud, Picasso, Dufy, Maillol, Miro, etc … on display at the Rigaud Museum, 16 rue de l ‘ Ange. These works, which were left to the city by a collector, are exhibited in a museum in a 13th-century mansion. Also visit the museums of Catalonia North found in the ‘Castillet’ and the museum of French Algeria.

Discover the architecture of Perpignan

Beautiful buildings can be visited in the city. Among them the palace of the kings of Mallorca, the Castillet, the cathedral St Jean-Baptiste, the monastery, Loge de Mer the former stock exchange or Saint Jean le Vieux, the most ancient church of the city. Discover the local architecture by visiting the courtyards of the old houses on rue du Théâtre and in particular the numbers 1.7 and 10 that are typical of the region. Look for buildings with early 20th-century architecture by strolling along Jean Bourrat Boulevard, Wilson Boulevard and the Jardin d’Enfants street. Go to the Casa Xanxo in the old town, a beautiful Gothic house from a rich fabric trader from the 15th century, culminating in a religious piece carved in stone with seven deadly sins and hell.

Just relax…

Behind the Saint-Jacques church, the public garden of Saint-Jacques with: pomegranates, olive trees, pines, cypresses, lemon trees, … is one of the rare remains of the town’s fortifications. Built in the 1960s, where old remains of wall towers can still be found. Go to “Cassanyes” the colorful market every morning except Monday. Lots of fruit and vegetables, but also shoes, clothing, … A lively and pleasant market. Or would you prefer to swim? This city of Languedoc-Roussillon is only about ten kilometers from the beach! Canet Plage is the closest resort. Easy to reach with public transportation.

A festive city

This old fort, with high, narrow houses, often with orange, red or pink colors, is also a city where many events take place. The Sardane, a popular Catalan dance, is often danced there. It also celebrates the traditions of Saint Jordi and Saint Jean, bringing the flame held on the Castillet to the top of Canigou mountain. Finally, the “de la Sanch” procession on Good Friday, believers walk hidden under sheets or black cloaks and hats through the old city, when it gets dark, the fine process takes place. This attracts many tourists from Spain and remains an opportunity to continue its colorful traditions. Apart from a very full calendar of parties and events, the city also offers many cozy bars, not to mention the tapas bars …

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